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В 1984 году, специально для японского композитора Исао Томита, инженер Casio Марк Фукуда (Mark Fukuda)  создал уникальную систему синтеза звука, которая получила название Cosmo Synthesizer. Она была разработана на базе IBM PC совместимого компьютера Casio FP-6000. Система объединяла в себе секвенсор, сэмплер и синтезатор. Сэмплер позволял хранить в памяти до трех секунд цифрового звука в формате 12-бит/40 кГц. Метод синтеза, использованный в Cosmo, получил название «Phase-Distortion synthesis» или PD-синтез.

Исао Томита
Tomita in 1992, with the Casio Cosmo numeric keyboard on his lap, a Fairlight CMI series 1 screen to the right, and a rare Korg MS-50 on top of a Synclavier II screen behind him, the CosmoSynthesizer Rack (back right) and the FP-6000 (left)


For a limited time from December 7 to December 26 ,2015, Many Casio electronic musical instruments were exhibited in particular in Seijo, setagaya-ku, Tokyo at "Toshio Kashio Memorial Museum of Invention". Then became the CZ series of origin "Cosmo synthesizer" has been exhibited in it. I was able to photograph it with the cooperation of the "Toshio Kashio Memorial Museum of Invention". Although it had been exhibited was only the main unit, it can connect to keyboard unit, a digitizer and a 16bit computer. And sound source of any waveform that was sampled, can be processed. Within the rack, digital sampler "ZZ-1", which became the prototype of 16bit sampler "FZ-1" was released after, was also housed.

Ars Electronica, Linz & ICMC, IRCAM Paris 1984: e&mm review feb 1985, scanned from electronics & music maker, june 1985.  casio's cosmo phase distortion synthesizer/sampling system was a recent development and also the yamaha dx7 fm synth was getting a showing.

Идея PD-синтеза затем была реализована в недорогих цифровых синтезаторах Casio серии CZ. Первая модель синтезатора этой серии вышла в начале 1985 года и называлась CosmoSynthesizer CZ-101.